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TEST - I have been an avid photographer for many years first starting formally with the Harlow Photographic Agency.
I cut my teeth (photographic teeth that is) using medium format film for fairly standard commercial photography. After a few years doing wedding and product photography I found the passion had been replaced with a job. So I embarked upon a completely different path and became a Sound Engineer specialising in the electronic design of sound mixing desks.
This has served me well and I still design software and hardware for electronic instrumentation. It is this that allows me to explore my two main passions, Rock Music and Photography.

Throughout my life I have always had cameras and a darkroom; many a night was spent in the warm orange glow of the darkroom lamp rocking a tray in expectation of the Killer Shot.
Things changed when on impulse I bought my first digital SLR a Nikon D70, the reason for the choice was somewhat arbitrary I had used Nikon 35mm cameras and the local shop had one in stock. The next step in the chain was an invitation by my nephew to watch his band at the Cambridge Rock Festival; I went along and thought it might be cool to take a few pictures. My first results although satisfying showed the limitations of the standard kit lenses. This observation was the beginning of an interesting, arduous, expensive but ultimately rewarding journey.

I can now produce the kind of images I had visualized, what others have called “Low Light Action Portraits� And I love doing it.

Tel: 01480 455893

Mob: 07597561330

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